Joe Statler Gets Things Done in the WV Legislature

With 68 sponsored bills enacted into state law, Joe Statler's legislative accomplishments are a solid record of service to our state.

We need someone who can get things done for Monongalia & Wetzel County residents.  A legislator who’s able to work with the majority party in Charleston, and also work in a bipartisan manner with colleagues and local officials. Joe Statler has a lengthy record.

Citizens may recall that in 2020 prior to being re-elected, Joe was asked by the Monongalia County Commission to serve as liaison to state legislature. In this volunteer position, Joe was able to communicate the concerns of the county to the elected legislators. He worked with former colleagues on a number of issues during the legislative session for the betterment of Monongalia County.


53 bills sponsored, 11 laws enacted

  • HB 4008Relating to Higher Education Policy Commission funding formula
  • HB 4098Relating to Geothermal Energy Development
  • HB 4110Relating to staffing levels at multi-county vocational centers
  • HB 4380Relating to transportation of athletic teams
  • HB 4466Relating to School Building Authority’s review of school bond applications
  • HB 4563Provide for a license plate for auto mechanics
  • HB 4565To exempt temporary employees and employees of the Higher Education Policy Commission from automatic enrollment into the state’s 457 (b) plan
  • HB 4571Modifying foundation allowance to account for transportation by electric powered buses
  • HB 4604Relating to abolishing the Workforce Development Initiative Program Advisory Council
  • HB 4608To require the State Fire Commission to propose minimum standards for persons to be certified as probationary status volunteer firefighters
  • HB 4743 – Relating to security and surveillance requirements of medical cannabis organization facilities


31 bills sponsored, 12 laws enacted

  • HB 2002Relating to Broadband
  • HB 2014 – Relating to role of the Legislature in appropriating federal funds
  • HB 2372 – Allow pre-candidacy papers to be filed the day after the general election
  • HB 2621 – Mandating certification for certain members of fire departments, require certain types of training, allow specialized personnel who are not firefighters to be members of a department, and require the postings of fire department evaluations
  • HB 2722 – Prohibiting the use of class B fire-fighting foam for testing purposes if the foam contains a certain class of fluorinated organic chemicals
  • HB 2793 – Permit out of state residents to obtain West Virginia concealed carry permits
  • HB 2794 – To extend the Neighborhood Investment Program Act to July 1, 2026
  • HB 2842 – Preventing cities from banning utility companies in city limits
  • HB 2927 – Adding Caregiving expenses to campaign finance expense
  • HB 3045 – Relating to firefighter disability claims
  • HB 3266 – Providing for termination of extracurricular contact upon retirement
  • HB 3316 – Supplemental appropriation to the Department of Education, State Board of Education


72 bills sponsored, 13 laws enacted

  • HB 2654Expanding county commissions’ ability to dispose of county or district property
  • HB 3089Relating to the adoption of instructional resources for use in the public schools
  • HB 4006Revising the processes through which professional development is delivered for those who provide public education
  • HB 4015Relating to the management and continuous inventory of vehicles owned, leased, operated, or acquired by the state and its agencies
  • HB 4238Authorizing counties and municipalities to establish a joint airport hazard comprehensive plan
  • HB 4324Relating to the employment of individuals by municipal paid fire departments under civil service
  • HB 4350Eliminating the regulation of upholstery
  • HB 4402Relating to the prevention of sexual abuse of children
  • HB 4422Permitting permanent endowment funds of cemeteries to invest their principal in certain government bonds, and corporate bonds
  • HB 4436Clarifying when a minor between the ages of 16 and 18 may be employed by or elected as a member of a volunteer fire department
  • HB 4444Clarifying the authority of the State Fire Commission in adopting a State Building Code
  • HB 4619Relating to supporting implementation of comprehensive systems for teacher and leader induction and professional growth
  • HB 4622Relating to authorizing legislative rules regarding higher education


67 bills sponsored, 11 laws enacted

  • HB 2364Prohibiting electioneering within or near early voting locations during early voting periods
  • HB 2373 – Authorizing school bus drivers trained in administration of epinephrine auto-injectors to administer auto-injectors
  • HB 2494 – Providing that statewide school report cards are only to be made available to custodial parents and guardians of students upon request
  • HB 2542 – Relating to public higher education personnel
  • HB 2561 – Relating to public school support
  • HB 2637 – Relating to employment of retired teachers and prospective employable professional personnel in areas of critical need and shortage
  • HB 2704 – Prohibiting persons convicted of sexual offenses against children with whom they hold positions of trust from holding certification or license valid in public schools
  • HB 2706 – Authorizing legislative rules regarding higher education
  • HB 2739 – Relating to supplemental Medicaid provider reimbursement
  • HB 2771 – Relating to temporary teaching certificates for Armed Forces spouses
  • HB 2774 – Defining special aircraft property


65 bills sponsored, 11 laws enacted

  • HB 2205 – Creating the crime of prohibited sexual contact by a psychotherapist
  • HB 4009 – Letting Our Counties Act Locally Act
  • HB 4174 – Exempting activity at indoor shooting ranges from the prohibition of shooting or discharging a firearm within five hundred feet of any church or dwelling house
  • HB 4201 – Increasing the criminal penalties for participating in an animal fighting venture
  • HB 4301 – Relating to a framework for initiating comprehensive transformation of school leadership
  • HB 4310 – Relating to the West Virginia University Institute of Technology
  • HB 4362 – Establishing a felony offense of strangulation
  • HB 4519 – Allowing certain municipalities to elect to participate in the West Virginia Municipal Police Officers and Firefighters Retirement System
  • HB 4566 – Relating to school personnel
  • HB 4644 – Relating to jury fees
  • HB 4730 – Relating to computer science courses of instruction


59 bills sponsored, 10 laws enacted

  • HB 2004Providing a procedure for the development of a state plan under section 111(d) of the Clean Air Act
  • HB 2011Relating to disbursements from the Workers’ Compensation Fund where an injury is self inflicted or intentionally caused by the employer
  • HB 2025Prohibiting certain sex offenders from loitering within one thousand feet of a school or child care facility
  • HB 2099Extending the time of meetings of local levying bodies when meetings are delayed
  • HB 2128 – Permitting those individuals who have been issued concealed weapons permits to keep loaded firearms in their motor vehicles on the State Capitol Complex grounds
  • HB 2377 – Authorizing State Board of Education to approve certain alternatives with respect to instructional time
  • HB 2632 – Exempting the procurement of certain instructional materials for use in and in support of public schools from the division of purchasing requirements
  • HB 2648 – Allowing authorized entities to maintain a stock of epinephrine auto-injectors to be used for emergency
  • HB 2702 – Redefining service personnel class titles of early childhood classroom assistant teacher
  • HB 2780 – Enhancing the ability of campus police officers at public colleges to perform their duties

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