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Monongalia County is at risk of of choking on our own successful growth. We must not only continue building new roads but better maintaining our current transportation network. Joe Statler is Chair of the Morgantown-Monongalia Metropolitan Planning Organization; he encourages citizens and constituents to use this avenue to voice issues and help prioritize projects.

More importantly for the long-term, we need a legislator working for us in Charleston who can better ensure our community gets our fair share of money as promised from the Roads to Prosperity bonds.

A sign reading: Cut thru traffic $1.


For Monongalia County to continue as an economic engine for West Virginia, we must remain focused on infrastructure development locally.

More than just broadband connectivity and cell service, our community would benefit by prioritizing major transportation and infrastructure projects and speaking with a stronger unified voice in Charleston. We need a legislator who can work with the majority party and bridge the gap.

A cell phone tower.


Our children are our future. Monongalia County has long been a learning community. We take pride in being a welcoming place where searching for answers and fostering thoughtful discourse are a top priority.

Beyond ensuring our students have the best resources and instructional access our tax dollars can provide, we must seek to broaden our collective scope and look to global trends so as to prepare our community to seize future opportunity. We need a legislator who can work with capital leadership to help students K-12 as well as with our local higher education partners.

Joe Statler is running for our future.


Small businesses, immigrant, minority, and women-owned businesses are a large part of the blueprint for future success locally and statewide. Monongalia County is rich in entrepreneurial capital and we’ve been fortunate to launch a number of successful entrepreneurs.

We must encourage and empower our local educated workforce with the knowledge to successfully calculate and take risks. We need a leader in Charleston who can work across the aisle to further improve how our government responds to and supports businesses.

A small business with a sign that reads 'Flowers' in the background.
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